Real Estate market of Dubai

The Real Estate market of Dubai is to grow by 46% in 2023

Dubai’s real estate market is all set to break records this year. With a growth of over 20-40 percent in the last 12 months, as per the report from Realiste, this year will follow the same upward trend. 

With all geopolitical issues working in favour of Dubai and with the success of the Qatar FIFA World cup 2022, Dubai has got all the attention and has emerged as the favourite destination of investors as well as Households.  

Insights into growth 

The real estate market of Dubai will be on the rise in the next year and as per Realiste AI predictions, the local prices will increase by 10 to 15% with some specific areas increasing their price by 46%. 

As per analytic agency D sight, more than 16 % of Russian companies were relocated to UAE, particularly to Dubai, in the first half of the year, which will positively impact real estate. 

As per the report presented by DLD, a growth of 37,726 total unit sales has been reported with the total sales increasing up to 60%.  

The factors responsible for the rise in prices 

1. Consistent capital growth. 

Consistent capital growth and high rental income are the key factors for Dubai to be the epicentre of the real estate market. This real estate market has promised yield and your investment is safe here. 

2. Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup 

The local real estate market benefited from the FIFA World Cup and Dubai emerged as a tourist attraction and a Finance hub. With the success of FIFA, Dubai became a major attraction.   

3. The vivid properties 

Dubai offers a waterfront experience to properties around parks which make it the first choice for multiple people of different choices. From property for everyone, Dubai is the priority for safe investment and quality living. 

Areas with maximum growth 

As per D sight, in the first part of 2022, premium districts like Palm Jumeriah witnessed the highest demand with its exclusive waterfront experience. 

As per Realistic, districts with green areas like Hadeq Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid part 2 also experienced massive growth. 

These areas grew by 53% and approached AED 16,00,000 in average price. 

Undervalued sectors that haven’t hit a high price rise will rise rapidly. The Jumeriah village triangle property market increasing in value by 62% in 2022 will also see a price.


Dubai is becoming the first choice of investors due to its Supreme location and world-class amenities. It will remain appealing to foreign investors seeking maximum return on investment or high rental income. 

With an increase in price by 46% Dubai‘s property market will rise in the upcoming years and both investors with the motive of high return and households with the motive of safe surrounding and world-class amenities will be involved.