dubai economic plan

Dubai’s $8.7 trillion economic plan is a big boost to the real estate market

The ruler of Dubai tweeted to approve Dubai’s economic agenda D33 which aims to double the size of the economy over the next ten years and bring it among the top 3 Global cities.

Let us help you understand it in detail. 

Decoding Dubai economic agenda D33

1. D33 is introduced by the Prime Minister of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai. 

2. It is an ambitious project which includes tripling Dubai’s economy over the next ten years. 

3. It aims to make Dubai one of the top 3 Global cities. 

4. The total goals outlined are expected to total AED 32 trillion by 2033.

Key objectives of the ambitious D33 agenda

1. It focuses on increasing the total value of foreign trade in goods and services from AED 14.2 TN in the past ten years to AED 25.6 TN in the next decade. 

2. Increasing private Sector Investment from AED 790 billion in the past to AED 1 trillion by 2033.

3. It plans to generate new economic value from digital transformation 

4. It plans to make Dubai a hub for skilled workers and an international hub for global multinational companies 

5. It helps to increase government expenditure from AED 512 billion in the past to AED 700 billion in the next decade.

Real estate:  A major beneficiary of D33

Check out how the real estate market of Dubai will grow and seek benefits from the D33 agenda. 

1. New Foreign Investments 

With D33 by Sheikh Mohammed the real estate sector will get a major share of new foreign investment and the sector will continue to show an upward Trend. 

2. Key rankings 

D33 agenda focuses on making to buy one of the five leading Logistic hubs in the world and one of the top global financial centres which will attract new opportunities here.  

3. World-class quality of life 

D33 agenda aims to enhance its position as an attractive hub with world-class quality of life and give the highest level of security and safety to its citizens and residents which will increase the price of residential properties here.

4. Recent rankings 

Dubai has recently been ranked as one of the world’s top 10 best cities for expats to live and work as per the Expat Essentials index which proves the already established liking of the world to live and invest in Dubai. 

5. Boost in Private sector investment 

The plan also aims to bring private Sector Investment up from 790 billion Dirhams in the last decade to 1 trillion Dirhams in the next decade which will help Dubai to grow and its real estate market to flourish.


With the promising D33 agenda by the Prime Minister of UAE, Dubai is going to be flooded with new opportunities for development and progress. It is going to see massive foreign investments and with this, the real estate market will see new heights. 

The real estate market is expected to rise and the investment here will yield the highest return. Also, with much new private and public investment, the quality of life will rise which will attract more investment in residential properties here.

Apartments In Dubai

Everything you need to know about apartments in Dubai

Dubai offers one of the best real estate options across the globe and gives investors and residents unique opportunities to invest and get the maximum Returns.

One such option available for investors and residents is an apartment. Dubai’s real estate market offers an affordable to premium range of apartments and people can choose to buy or rent it. 

Budget is not a big issue in Dubai, and the real estate market of Dubai has something to offer to everyone. It has apartments in the premium as well as affordable categories. In the article below, we have tried to answer some of the most asked questions about apartments in Dubai. 

Classification of apartments in Dubai

Presenting you with the classification of apartments on the basis of their location.

1. No logic prevails 4000 to 8000 per square feet 

2. Luxury areas 2500 to 3500 per square feet 

3. Premium areas 1200 to 2200 per square foot 

4. Affordable areas of 800 to 1200 per square feet

The average size of apartments in Dubai

Dubai offers apartments in multiple size to match the requirements of an individual as well as a family. Presenting you the classification of Apartments on the basis of their size.

1. Studio apartment 300 sq. ft to 500 sq. ft 

2. One-bedroom apartment 500 to 800 sq. feet 

3. Two-bedroom apartment 1000 to 1500 sq. ft 

4. Three-bedroom apartment 1350 to 2000 sq. ft

Price per sq. ft of apartments 

The price per square foot of the Apartment starts from AED 800 (INR 18000) per square foot and foots up to AED 7000 (INR 158000) per square foot. 

The price per square foot depends on the location of the apartment and the amenities it offers.

Popular areas to locate apartments in Dubai. 

Dubai has over 542000 Apartment units in the city as per the housing unit report of 2019 published by the Dubai statistics centre. 

Some of the leading areas to find Apartments are 

  • Downtown Dubai
  • Bluewater Island
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • La Mer Beach
  • Business Bay
  • Jumeirah Village Circle (JLC)
  • Jumeriah Lake Tower (JLT)
  • Arjan
  • Dubai Hills Estate
  • Meydan

People looking to buy in these areas can choose to buy flats depending on their budget and space requirements. You can buy an apartment with cash, bank finance, a post-handover payment plan, and yes of course with Cryptocurrency as well.


Dubai is a Cosmopolitan City with beautiful real estate properties waiting to be yours. The apartment can be the right choice for both investors and residents as well as for tenants.

Apartments in Dubai offer multiple top-notch facilities at desired locations. From being pet friendly to being located near education and medical centres, apartments are the most convenient way of lifestyle in the Emirates.

From high end properties to affordable ones, Apartments match the requirements of every income group. With thousands of apartments available in Dubai, you just have to opt for the one that matches your budget and requirements.

Hope your apartments hunts end soon and you find some help with our informative article presented above.

option of townhouses in the Dubai

Options of townhouses in the Dubai

Dubai is the hub of the future with all new tech and top-notch facilities available there. Finding a good property in the real estate market of Dubai is the best option to ensure the safety of investment or living a comfortable life.

Townhouses are the most loved property among people. A townhouse is a terraced house having 2 or 3 floors. With the premium locations of Dubai, townhouses offer luxury living and high rental income.

Dig into the article below to understand everything about townhouses in Dubai.

townhouses in the Dubai

Difference between townhouses and villas. 

The terms townhouse and villas are often confused with each other. A Villa consists of a large central building with all amenities surrounded, while a townhouse is a terraced residential building. 

Townhouses typically share a boundary wall, while villas are mostly stand-alone and independent.

The classification of townhouses

Townhouses can be classified based on their size and the origin of their location.

Classification on the basis of the average size of townhouses 

  • Three beds 2000 to 3000 square foot
  • Four beds 2400 to 3500 square foot
  • Five beds 3000 to 4500 square foot

Classification based on the location

  • Luxury areas: Palm Jumeirah, La Mer Beach, etc
  • Premium areas: Nad Al Shiba, Meydan, Dubai Hills Estate, etc
  • Affordable areas: Dubai South, Damac Lagoons, etc

Classification based on the Price

The price per square foot of townhouses in Dubai starts from AED 800 (INR 18000) per square foot and goes up to AED 2500 (INR 56250) per square foot

Price per square foot of Townhouses in Dubai:

  • 3 Bed Townhouses: AED 2-10 Million (INR 4.5 to 20 Cr)
  • 4 Bed Townhouses: AED 2.4- 12 Million (INR5 to 25 Cr)
  • 5 Bed Townhouse: AED 2.8-15 Million (INR 6 to 35 Cr)

Popular areas to buy townhouses in Dubai. 

Check out the list of areas where you can find your dream townhouse. These areas offer townhouses from premium to affordable range.

  • Dubai Hills
  • Damac Lagoons
  • Tilal Al Ghaf
  • Dubai South
  • Mudon Al Ranim
  • Nshama Townsquare

Why buy a townhouse in Dubai? 

1. Safety of Capital

Dubai has seen various cycles of the market and the ups and downs, and historically prices of townhouses generally don’t go down below the original price. Hence, we can say that even in a recession, townhouses don’t lose value.

2. High rental income 

Townhouses give the highest rental yield compared to apartments and villas, the prime reasons for higher rental returns are high demand, affordable rents, and low maintenance charges.

 3. The opportunity for Gated Community Living

Townhouses in Dubai offer the features of premium housing in a gated community with a lot of amenities for all age groups and are ideal for family life and recreation activities. 


Townhouse combines luxury and comfort and is the best option to have your own detached house in Dubai. 

Townhouses in the premium areas yield high rental income and assure capital appreciation along with top-class living with people from multiple nationalities. Townhouses are available in multiple sizes from 3 to 5 bedrooms and in multiple locations that are well-guarded and gated residential communities. Get your dream townhouse that matches your entire list of requirements.

Get in touch with us to help you find a suitable option for a townhouse in Dubai.

price range of Villas in Dubai.

The different price ranges of Villas in Dubai

Dubai offers a lavish lifestyle and multiple options for residence. From Villas to townhouses, Dubai offers residence to everyone beyond geographical boundaries. With more than 200 nationalities living in Dubai, the real estate market of Dubai has a lot to offer to each one. One of Dubai’s most tempting offers for residence is Villa, which offers Top-Notch amenities and pleasing interiors. 

Villa is a no-brainer decision for people who want to live life king-size. From 2-bedroom villas to 6-bedroom villas, there are multiple opportunities to choose from. You just have to search for the right villa according to your requirement and have the freehold property in your name.

Classification of Villas

Villas in Dubai are classified into three broad categories based on their price range and per-square-foot area.

 The classification based on the price range is as follows:

  1. Luxury areas: AED 2500 to AED 7000 per sq. ft.
  2. Premium areas: AED 1500 to AED 2000 per sq. ft
  3. Affordable areas: AED 1100 to AED 1500 per sq. ft

Villas are also classified on the basis of their size. Presenting you with the classification of villas on their size.

  1. Three-bedroom villas: 2500-3500 sq. ft
  2. Four-bedroom villas: 3000-7000 sq. ft
  3. Five-bedroom villas: 3500 – 10000 sq. ft
  4. Six-bedroom villas: 4500 – 13000 sq. ft

Popular areas to buy villas in Dubai. 

Dubai has multiple sections of luxury units; every unit has its section of Villas. It offers villas in both premium and pocket-friendly ranges. Certain areas in Dubai selectively offer premium villas, and others offer comparatively sustainable prices.

 If you are somebody looking for ready-to-move and fully furnished Vilas then you must explore

  1. AL- Barari
  2. Palm Jumeirah
  3. District One
  4. Dubai Hills Estate
  5. Emirates Hills
  6. Tilal Al Ghaf

For more sustainable and Pocket-friendly options one can also visit the villas at the following places

  1. Damac Hills
  2. Damac Lagoons
  3. Emaar Arabian Ranches
  4. The Villa
  5. Dubai South
  6. Villanova

The price range of Villas

Villas in the real estate market of Dubai are priced in multiple ranges. The price depends on the locality, the neighbourhood and the amenities it offers. The price of Villas in Dubai ranges from AED 1100 (INR 24800) per sq. ft and can go up to AED 7000 (INR157,800) per sq. ft.

One must be clear about the price range that matches their requirement and then checks out all the potential villas available.


Dubai with its rising economy has a promising real estate market return. The villas in Dubai bought for residential or renting purposes are both unmatched experiences that can provide a high return.

If chosen for residence Villas offer an unmatched lifestyle with premium arenas and top-class facilities. If Villas are chosen for Rental earnings, they can offer high returns and the earnings from rent in Dubai are tax-free.

Villas In Dubai offer a premium lifestyle and an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. With lush green environments around and world-class facilities, Villas offer a high standard of living to you and your loved ones. Check out all the villas now after gaining insights into the price range of villas in Dubai.

If you have a specific requirement, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you to showcase and shortlist the best of the options available in the market.

guide to buying a property in Dubai from India 

A step- by- step guide to buying a property in Dubai from India

With the increase in Digitalisation, people no more need to be physically present at the place of transaction. One can easily sit at their home and do any transaction overseas. Similarly, people of India can buy real estate property in Dubai from the comfort of their homes. 

Dubai offers top-class amenities and is the hub of opportunities for the future. It has world-class real estate properties and multiple options to choose from. Buying a property today in Dubai will lead to capital appreciation and offers high rental income compared to India’s property. Presenting you a step-by-step guide to buying property in Dubai from India.

Have a look at the steps below and simplify the property-buying process.

1. Find a reliable real estate broker 

One needs to find a reliable real estate broker to get all the options available in the market that fits your budget and matches your requirement. 

The real estate broker should be a trusted one and should present you with all the best options available in the real estate market of Dubai.

 2. Choose the desired options 

Go through all the options that your real estate broker presented to you and choose the option that matches your liking and requirement.

Considering the budget, one should choose the property that matches the maximum qualities of their dream property in Dubai and is an investment that is worth the amount you pay for it.

3. Selecting Inventory

Select the unit from the available inventory. Finalise the one that is your dream one and be ready to claim 100% freehold ownership of it. Be wise while choosing the inventory before making payment, and consider all pros and cons of the property.

4. Bank transfer

Select the unit from the available inventory. Make the necessary bank transaction after carefully checking the truthfulness and authenticity of the transactions. Ensure that your transactions are secure and safe and you pay the correct value.

5. Receive required documents.

One should receive all the papers of the property to their address and also online to keep them as proof and minimize the risk of fraud.

Keep all the necessary documents safe for future reference and as proof. Congratulations! You just successfully learned how to own a property in Dubai while sitting in India.


With no barriers to physical presence in every transaction, buying properties across the globe is very simple now. With so much improvement in secure financial transactions, there is no fear of losing your hard-earned money. There is high security for transactions, and you can have detailed documents as proof of the transactions.

Buying property in Dubai from India is even safer as UAE is one of the safest places, and all the transactions are done within a legal framework. There is the minimum risk if done carefully and after getting due knowledge.

Following every step will provide you with a macro view of how to buy a property in Dubai from India.

Indians buying properties in Dubai

6 reasons why Indians are buying properties in Dubai?

Over the years, as the world grow and unite, more and more real estate opportunities have emerged. Indians being 1/5th of the population, are increasingly looking for real estate opportunities across borders, and Dubai has been one of their favourite locations. From a luxurious lifestyle to multiple opportunities, Dubai is the future of investments. Indians have ranked among the top nationalities to invest in the real estate sector of Dubai.

Presenting you with a list of reasons why Indians buy property in Dubai 

1. 100% freehold property 

Freehold property means any property in which the owner has 100% ownership and is free from the hold of any other entity. Dubai offers 100% right on the property just like Indians have in India. You become the owner of the property without any middlemen and chaos.

2. Golden Visa 

Dubai offers a 10-year renewable residency visa with real estate investment. It eliminates the effort of renewing your visa time and again. Golden Visa has made the process more simplified and easy.

3. Zero Tax

Dubai has no direct taxes. An investor does not have to pay income tax on the rental income. There is no capital gain text and property tax which makes the income tax free and makes property buying in Dubai a big yes.

4. Safety and lifestyle

Dubai is one of the safest places to live in the world and offers a luxurious lifestyle to its residents it attracts a lot of Indians to buy real estate in Dubai. One can offer top-notch education to their children and a fine lifestyle to their loved ones 

5. High Rental Income

Rental income is one of the highest income sources as the rental income ranges from 7 to 12% which is very high compared to the Indian real estate market. This high rental income makes the property in Dubai very attractive from an income point of view.

6. Capital Appreciation

All the leading properties in Dubai have doubled their price in 10 years. It makes Dubai a perfect destination to invest your capital and provide it appreciation in the coming times. With UAE being one of the safest and most rapidly growing economies in the globe it makes your capital safe and with minimum risk.


From 100% ownership to high rental income Dubai has lucrative offers for Indian Nationalists and it makes Dubai one of the most loved destinations for real estate investments. Dubai is also tax-free and you can save a major chunk of your money and get the worth of every penny you invest for yourself.

Also, with the luxurious lifestyle along with all new technological advancements, Dubai has become the hub of future investments, and doing the investment today can help you increase your income prospects. An investment in Dubai’s real estate today will yield a compounding return tomorrow. 

 With so many amazing offers Dubai is also one of the safest places for your finances and your loved ones which makes it a win- win situation for both your investments and your family.