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Why One Should Invest In Emaar Properties

Emaar Properties is an Emirati multinational real estate development company located in the United Arab Emirates. It is a listed on the Dubai Financial Market, and has a valuation of US$15.5 billion as of June 2021. Emaar was formed in 1997 by Mohammad Alabbar. Emaar is one of the biggest developers in the middle east and is known for landmark developments in Dubai.

Landmark Developments of Emaar

  1. Downtown
  2. Burj Khalifa
  3. Dubai Mall
  4. Emirates Hills
  5. Emirates Living
  6. Dubai Hills Estate
  7. Dubai Creek Harbor
  8. Emaar Beachfront
  9. Emaar Rashid Yachts and Marina
  10. Emaar South
  11. Emaar The Valley

Why Emaar Properties?

It is one of the best developers in the Gulf region and is known for making landmark projects and is responsible to put Dubai Real Estate on the global map.

Emaar is not just known for making good properties but is a number one choice among buyers from all over the world because of the overall communities and lifestyle it offers to its residents. Emaar has ever been known for picking up the best of the locations in the market and creating world-class all-integrated communities with a mix of residences malls hospitals schools etc.

Emaar also stands among one of the best when it comes to maintaining the communities they make, Emaar Community Management known as ECM is by far the best in the region and works on gold standards.

Emaar Properties

Emaar is a premium-class developer, that offers best-in-class amenities and excellent communities, that’s why the occupancy rate in Emaar communities is always above 95%.

Do people make money with Emaar Properties?

The answer is yes. Anyone who bought in Emaar communities at the time of the launch and hold the investment for 5 years has never made any losses. In fact, those who kept the investments for more than 10 years have doubled and tripled their investments.

So can we buy any property of Emaar and its guaranteed success?

The answer is no. If you’re buying matured communities of Emaar today like downtown, you might not make any substantial profit and you may also lose some of your capital if the market corrects. Because whatever infrastructure is planned in those communities is already there, nothing new is coming in those communities which will further drive the prices.

If not any property, then what to buy?

Buy in new communities of Emaar which are either recently launched or where further infrastructure is planned. In our suggestion, the best option to buy right now with Emaar is Rashid Yacht and Marina, the second option is The Valley and the last is Emaar South.

Shall we buy any units available in these communities?

No, ask for the help of an expert to shortlist and finalize a unit to ensure maximum rentability and capital appreciation, as we have mentioned in our earlier blogs as well that in any given community only 20-25% of units are worth buying because of having a competitive advantage over others.

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Get in touch with us for further insights on a particular unit out of the many buildings which are in these different master communities.