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Distress Deals In Dubai

“Distress Deals” sounds like Magical words to the ears but let’s understand what it is and how it works. A distress deal is a deal for any property where you’re getting the unit below the market price of that unit not necessarily below the Original Price of that unit.

Many claims that they have distress deals with them, however, are they for real? Let’s dig deeper and find out the truth.

There are 2 major types of distress deals in the market-

Real Distress Deal: All those deals where you’re getting the unit below the actual MARKET PRICE, and we can only call those deals a distress deal even if they are more than Original Price but the point to note is that they should be below the Market Price.

Example: Seller-A has bought a townhouse in Nshama Townsquare at AED1.35, the current price of a similar unit in the market is AED1.8M, but the seller has some urgent need of funds and he’s willing to sell at AED1.5M. Now, this is a real distress deal, though the seller is making a profit out of the sale. But he is selling the unit below the MARKET PRICE, hence, we consider this as a real distress deal

Not So Real Distress Deal: These are the deals where the broker/owner is offering a unit below the PURCHASE or ORIGINAL PRICE and hence claiming it to be a Distress Deal however the fact could be they are trying to offer the unit above the Market Price.

Example: Seller-A bought a one-bed apartment in JLT for AED1.25M in 2014(Last market peak) and offering his unit at AED800k now and calling it a distress deal as he is selling almost 35% below the Purchase or the Original Price; however the point to evaluate here is that what is the Market Price of a similar unit. If the Market Price of the similar units is even 775K or even 800K, then for sure, this is not a distress deal.

So, the Point to be noted here is, to evaluate whether a deal is a Distress or not, Market Price should always be taken into consideration and not the Purchase or the Original Price.

When do Real Distress Deals come into the market?

Honestly speaking Distress deals can come up anytime however it is seen that during a recession or during an event like a pandemic, many people lose jobs, or their businesses get unstable, in those scenarios people get anxious and look for an exit and sell their properties at a considerably a low price point. In such scenarios, real distress deals come into the market.

However, if we look at the current market which is bullish by all means, distress deals are not coming into the market as the sellers are not looking for an exit, instead, they are holding onto their investments to get a better price in the future.

The only exception in today’s market is dead areas or areas with minimal scope to appreciation like Majan, DIC, DLRC, Liwan, etc., where there is no demand coming in, in such areas one may still get a real distress deal.

How to get a real distress deal?

In today’s market, getting a real distress deal is as good as winning a lottery ticket. First of all, any real distress deal comes to a broker first, then either the broker himself buys and flips the unit at market price or involves an investor to facilitate the transaction and takes part of the profit, by no means the broker will offer the deal to an end-user and ruin his chance to make a sizable profit for mere 2% Commission. So, for an end-user, it is next to impossible to stumble upon a real distress deal in today’s market.

Conclusion: If you’re an end user, then look for areas that have good potential for growth, research and find a good developer within that area, and then try to find out a reasonable deal in the building or community. Always try to take the help of an area expert to do the groundwork for you and secure the best possible unit available in the market, finally when everything is ready, do not try to over-negotiate as during the current market conditions, chances of losing the opportunity altogether are higher than getting the discount.

We believe that we have covered all angles related to distress deals in the Dubai Real Estate market. Let us know in the comments your views or your experience about the distress deals in Dubai or in case you want us to add or cover anything else.

golden visa in Dubai

The complete detail about the 10 year Golden visa in Dubai

Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most attractive places to live and work in the world. Its dynamic economy, stable political climate, and high quality of life have made it a popular destination for expatriates from all over the world. The Dubai Golden Visa is a recent initiative aimed at attracting even more skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors to the city. In this blog, we will explore what the Dubai Golden Visa is, who is eligible for it, how to apply, and what are its benefits.

The ever-growing economy of the UAE is a promising destination for investors to multiply their investments. UAE is the hub of welcoming business and investment opportunities, and seeking the benefits from such opportunities, UAE has introduced a separate VISA category known as the Dubai investment Visa or partner visa. 

Top features of a 10-year Golden Visa


It is valid for 10 years depending on the applicant’s eligibility criteria and is renewable as long as one is fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

2. Eligibility 

One must invest at least AED2 Million in Dubai real estate to be eligible for the 10-year investor golden visa. One can buy a single unit worth AED2 Million or multiple properties with a total worth of AED2 Million or above.

3. No limit on staying outside UAE. 

This visa comes with no limit on how long to stay outside UAE to keep the visa active. This is excellent for people who want to visit frequently to their respective home countries.

golden visa in Dubai

Requirements to be fulfilled for a 10-year investor golden visa in Dubai

The following are the requirements one needs to meet to get a 10-year investment visa:

1. Mortgaged property 

If a property is mortgaged or on a payment plan, the bank or developer must be paid at least 2 million AED of the property’s worth. In addition to it, a NOC letter along with the amount paid from the mortgage will also be required. 

2. Requirement of marriage certificate 

Husband and wife can participate in one property. A marriage certificate attested from MOFA and legally transferred to Arabic is required. 

3. Investment requirement 

The investment in the property must be at least 2 million AED. Several properties are accepted under the applicant’s name.

How to apply for the Dubai Golden Visa?

To apply for the Dubai Golden Visa, eligible individuals must submit an application to the GDRFA along with the required documents, including a valid passport, proof of investment, business registration documents, educational certificates, and other relevant documents.

The application process is straightforward, and the GDRFA aims to process applications within 30 days. Once the visa is approved, the individual will need to visit the GDRFA to complete the necessary procedures.

Documents required for a 10-year Investor Golden visa 

The following are the documents required for a golden visa:

1. Health insurance from any insurance company in UAE 

2. A passport copy with a passport valid for more than 6 months 

3. A good-quality applicant digital photo that matches the ICP specifications. 

4. The property value stated in the title deed must be at least 2 million. 

5. Applicants from the below-mentioned nations must have their National ID 

  • Iran 
  • Pakistan 
  • Iraq 
  • Libya 
  • Afghanistan 

6. An old Emirates ID if it applies to the applicant.

Sponsorships from 10-year golden visa 

The following people can be sponsored by the 10-year golden visa in Dubai: 

  • Up to 3 housemaids and drivers 
  • The family for the 10 years 
  • The child for up to 30 years of age. (The children must not be married) 
  • Parents for 10 years.


Dubai is the epicentre of growth and development. Dubai is almost free from crime, and people who violate the law get their Visas revoked and are deported, which makes Dubai a safe destination. The 10-year golden visa will provide ample opportunities for global investors. It is the most common type of residency visa and requires a 2 million AED investment to be eligible for the same.

The Dubai Golden Visa is a game-changer for individuals looking to live and work in Dubai for an extended period. It offers long-term residency, business opportunities, and a range of other benefits that make it an attractive option for investors, entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, and students. If you are eligible for the Golden Visa, it is worth considering this opportunity to be a part of Dubai’s dynamic and innovative community.

Note: A person residing outside the country, cannot apply for an investor golden visa since physical presence is important within the country throughout the completion of the procedure.

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Danube Properties

Danube Properties:The Dependable Horse of Dubai Real Estate Market

Danube Properties (group) was established in the year 1993 by Mr. Rizwan Sajan. This is a multi-million dollar group and has a diversified portfolio into different businesses like building materials, furniture, real estate, etc., through their real estate arm, Danube real estate projects have been consistently increasing its global footprint and annual revenue. Danube Group has its headquarters in Dubai and operates in 9 countries across the Middle East & Asia.

Few Delivered Projects by Danube Group

  • Dreamz
  • Elz
  • Lawnz
  • Miraclez
  • Glitz

Few Under Construction Projects

  • Elitz
  • Opalz
  • Jewelz
  • Olivz
  • Pearlz
Danube Properties

Latest Launch Views By Danube Properties

Dubai’s first iconic towers with ‘Aston Martin’ furnished interiors. The Viewz ticks all checklists you can think of.

Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers, It’s a well-established mix-use freezone on Sheikh Zayed Road, with residential towers, office towers, and retail at your doorstep.

Payment Plan: It comes with a 3-year post-handover payment plan. The buyer enjoys paying 1% per month over 35 months after getting the handover. This will certainly increase the ROE (Return on Equity) of the investors.

Thoughtfully Designed Layouts: The Viewz has a mix of Studio, one, two, and 3-bed apartments and very limited 3-5 Bed Sky Villas with Aston Martin interiors. Layouts are very efficient and functional and you’ll find no waste of space within the unit. Also in this age of shrinkflation, Danube is making spacious apartments and not matchboxes.

Competitive Advantage: The Viewz is the only building in the world after Aston Martin Residences Miami Branded by Aston Martin, which will certainly add value to the building and eventually make it the most desired building for residents who wants to live in JLT or Jumeirah Lake Towers.

There are more than 80 buildings in JLT, and this building once ready will be one of the top 3 buildings in JLT in terms of quality, rentability, and amenities.

Pricing: Considering location as JLT, the brand value of Aston Martin, the number of Amenities the building is offering, price of approx. AED1800-2000 per square foot is very much justified. By no means we can say that the price is absurd, it’s reasonable and we have to accept that the quality doesn’t come at a cheap price. In these kinds of developments, one has to look for value over price.

Why Danube Properties?

Danube Properties is rated among the top 5 private developers in UAE. The company’s major achievements include the on-time delivery of exceptional quality assets with record sale success.

Have investors made money with the Danube Properties?

Yes, investors made money with the Danube. The rentability of Danube is quite high as most of their units come fully furnished. Renting a Danube apartment is very easy, especially for Studios and one-bedroom apartments, and they rent for at least 15-20% higher compared to other buildings in the vicinity.

Danube Properties

Return on equity is much higher approx. 10-12% in the first 4-5 years as the units come with a post-handover payment plan which makes it a preferred choice for investors looking for regular returns over higher capital appreciation.

So, can we buy any property of the Danube Group and its guaranteed success?

The short answer is no. If you are buying any of the ready units with Danube Group, you’re missing out on the capital appreciation that the first buyer is making by selling you a unit at a premium price.

The second reason why to avoid secondary market units is not getting the freedom to select a good unit, as we have already discussed in our previous blogs how important is the selection of units within a building. This can be a deciding factor in your success or failure.

The third reason is not getting the full benefit of the post-handover payment plan, for example, if you’re buying in a 2–3-year-old building, you will only get a 1 or 2-year post-handover payment plan which will hurt your Return on Equity badly.

If not any property, then what to buy?

The only way to a successful investment is to buy Danube Projects at the time of the Launch, in any given building only 20-25% of units are worth buying which has a competitive advantage over others in terms of the view, exclusivity, the floor height, Vastu compliant layout, etc., hence if you are getting hands on a good unit at the time of launch, you cannot go wrong with your investment.

Shall we buy any available units?

No, ask for the help of an expert to shortlist and finalize a unit to ensure maximum rentability and capital appreciation, as we have mentioned in our earlier blogs as well that in any given community or building only 20-25% of units are worth buying because of having a competitive advantage over others.

We wish you luck and we hope you find this article helpful. Get in touch with us if you have any doubts that we are unable to cover in this article.

Do you have any reason why not to buy Danube Viewz, let us know in the comment section!

Home Finance In Dubai For Indians

Home Finance In Dubai For Indians

Everyone desires to have their own nest where they can live peacefully with their loved ones. Having a place to be called home in a luxury place like Dubai is a heavenly feeling which is way beyond a fruitful experience. To have your dream home you need to have apt finance.

Home finance is the easiest way to have funds to own a home. But to avail of home finance in Dubai can be a complex process if one is not rightly informed. Let us solve some of the leading questions for Indians that must be considered before availing of home finance in Dubai.

Why to avail home loan in Dubai? 

1. Be the owner of your nest. 

A home loan helps you to have a property of your own in Dubai and experience an unmatched feeling of certainty and security.  

2. Rate of Interest 

The rate of interest to avail of a home loan is 3 to 4% which is much lower than the Indian market.

3. Amount of home loan. 

One can avail of a home loan of up to 50% of the property value.

4. A Lifestyle like nowhere 

Dubai offers world-class amenities along with a rich standard of living that no other place offers, which makes it an important choice among the masses to own a home here.

What are the documents required to avail of home finance in Dubai for Indians?

Availing of home finance requires you to submit some documents to check creditworthiness and ensure the authenticity of other details. 

Documents required for self-employed people

  • Proof of ownership of the business 
  • Passport 
  • Address 
  • 6-month bank statement 

Documents required for salaried people 

  • Salary certificate
  • Passport 
  • Address proof 
  • 6-month bank statement 

What are the major banks offering home finance in Dubai for Indians?

Below are some of the leading banks of UAE that you can contact to avail of home finance. 

  • Emirates NBD 
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Mashreq bank 
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank
  • Commercial bank of Dubai 

Note: Some banks may also require certain age restrictions for applicants seeking home finance. In general, the age limit varies between 21 to 65 years.


One can easily own a home in Dubai with lucrative home finance options available in Dubai. Taking a fully informed decision and knowing all prerequisites is very crucial.  We have covered the maximum essentials to know before availing of home finance. If you’re looking to invest in Dubai real estate and you wish to take a home loan for the same, do contact us for a hassle-free experience.

We assure you of minimum chaos and maximum safety with an easy and transparent home finance process. We are your ally to help you simplify the process of home financing and ensure to present you with authentic and reliable deals.

Dubai South Agreement With Bright Capital Investment

Dubai South Agreement With Bright Capital Investment For Premium British Education

Dubai south is the largest single urban master development plan with a business-friendly zone and a diverse range of premium residential options. 

With more than 150 nationalities coexisting, quality education was a rising demand and to match the demand Dubai South announced the signing of an agreement with Bright capital investment, a school operator investment company seeking to create one of the largest educational platforms in the UAE.

Dubai South is the hub of all modern amenities and a dream destination for residents and corporates. With the British school opening here, it will generate more demand for properties in Dubai South. Let us take you to some key considerations you must know about the project.

Key insights into the Dubai South Agreement 

  • The agreement has been signed by Khalifa Al Zaffin, executive chairman of Dubai Aviation City Corporation and Dubai south, and Mr Esref Temel, managing director of bright capital investment as well as other top executives from both organisations.
  • The agreement is to lease and operate a premium quality affordable British School in the thriving Dubai South Residential district alongside Expo Road and in proximity to Expo City Dubai and different residential communities across Dubai South. 
  • The agreement is made to provide world-class amenities to the residents of Dubai South and the emirate.

Benefits of the Dubai South Agreement  to residents 

  • Opportunity to experience world-class service and amenities for the residents. 
  • Opportunity to nurture the students to become responsible citizens and shape the future of the country. 
  • Opportunity to raise the capabilities of human resources to experience the highest level of excellence.
  • Opportunity to develop education by focusing on advanced IT and tech.

Features of the school developed under the Dubai South Agreement 

Dubai South Agreement With Bright Capital Investment
  • It will be built across an impressive 2,50,000-square-foot campus.
  • The excellent facilities are designed for students aged 3 to 18. 
  • It will offer a large classroom with state-of-art labs for Science, Technology, Engineering, art mathematics (STEAM), and more. 
  • Registration will commence by the end of 2023 and is scheduled to open for the community for the academic year starting September 2024.
  • The school will also offer a 25-metre competition standard swimming pool, football pitch, multipurpose sports halls, outdoor activities, picnics, and other events for students, parents, and faculty members.
  • It will be built in phases starting with early and primary schools. 


The bright doors of quality education are all set to open with this agreement and it will make Dubai south an ideal location for multiple communities looking for top-notch education for their children. This agreement will benefit the residents by providing premium education to their children and will enable them to contribute to “UAE Centennial 2071”.

It will be the first premium British education school in this residential district and everyone looks forward to it. With such a visionary approach this agreement will provide excellent opportunities for education and strengthen the roots of the future generation.

emaar properties

Why One Should Invest In Emaar Properties

Emaar Properties is an Emirati multinational real estate development company located in the United Arab Emirates. It is a listed on the Dubai Financial Market, and has a valuation of US$15.5 billion as of June 2021. Emaar was formed in 1997 by Mohammad Alabbar. Emaar is one of the biggest developers in the middle east and is known for landmark developments in Dubai.

Landmark Developments of Emaar

  1. Downtown
  2. Burj Khalifa
  3. Dubai Mall
  4. Emirates Hills
  5. Emirates Living
  6. Dubai Hills Estate
  7. Dubai Creek Harbor
  8. Emaar Beachfront
  9. Emaar Rashid Yachts and Marina
  10. Emaar South
  11. Emaar The Valley

Why Emaar Properties?

It is one of the best developers in the Gulf region and is known for making landmark projects and is responsible to put Dubai Real Estate on the global map.

Emaar is not just known for making good properties but is a number one choice among buyers from all over the world because of the overall communities and lifestyle it offers to its residents. Emaar has ever been known for picking up the best of the locations in the market and creating world-class all-integrated communities with a mix of residences malls hospitals schools etc.

Emaar also stands among one of the best when it comes to maintaining the communities they make, Emaar Community Management known as ECM is by far the best in the region and works on gold standards.

Emaar Properties

Emaar is a premium-class developer, that offers best-in-class amenities and excellent communities, that’s why the occupancy rate in Emaar communities is always above 95%.

Do people make money with Emaar Properties?

The answer is yes. Anyone who bought in Emaar communities at the time of the launch and hold the investment for 5 years has never made any losses. In fact, those who kept the investments for more than 10 years have doubled and tripled their investments.

So can we buy any property of Emaar and its guaranteed success?

The answer is no. If you’re buying matured communities of Emaar today like downtown, you might not make any substantial profit and you may also lose some of your capital if the market corrects. Because whatever infrastructure is planned in those communities is already there, nothing new is coming in those communities which will further drive the prices.

If not any property, then what to buy?

Buy in new communities of Emaar which are either recently launched or where further infrastructure is planned. In our suggestion, the best option to buy right now with Emaar is Rashid Yacht and Marina, the second option is The Valley and the last is Emaar South.

Shall we buy any units available in these communities?

No, ask for the help of an expert to shortlist and finalize a unit to ensure maximum rentability and capital appreciation, as we have mentioned in our earlier blogs as well that in any given community only 20-25% of units are worth buying because of having a competitive advantage over others.

emaar propeties

Get in touch with us for further insights on a particular unit out of the many buildings which are in these different master communities.

royalty with tilal al ghaf

Experience the royalty with Tilal Al Ghaf

Tilal Al Ghaf is a mixed-use community in Dubai that offers luxury living, exquisite landscapes and the life you have never dreamt of.  With a crystal lagoon of size 7000 sqm, it is perfect for security-based investors and uber-rich families.

Spanning over 3 million square metres, Tilal Al Ghaf is the future of luxurious stays in villas and a successful investment for the future. It is a community of high-quality villas with a walkable and friendly neighbourhood that will give you the taste of royal living close to nature with your loved ones.

This property is the one which brings everything best to you in your footstep. From promised capital appreciation to king-size living, Tilal Al Ghaf got you covered.  

Exquisite features of Tilal Al Ghaf 

1. White sandy beaches

Stroll around the beach in your favourite beachwear in this property, soak in the sun, and let your body breathe in nature on the white Sandy beach in Tilal Al Ghaf. With Sporting activities and a fun field Arena, this beach is a must-consider before making any decision. 

2. Greenery and nature 

You will more clearly understand what being close to nature feels like when you experience Tilal Al Ghaf. With beautiful parks and heart-soothing landscapes, you become nature’s best Ally. Your heart will feel instantly soothing when it comes in contact with pure air here. 

3. Health is wealth

Tilal Al Ghaf supports your health and fitness regime and provides you with an 11km cycling and 18km walking pathway so that your physical activity happens hassle-free and you take every positive step towards a healthy body. 

4. Vibrance and leisure 

Tilal Al Ghaf provides a vibrant lifestyle with luxurious facilities in the close nurturing of nature where you live a life full of comforts and tranquillity. This area possesses unmatched beauty, like one in paradise. 

5. Equipped with multiple facilities

With a picnic, Barbecue spot, water-themed children’s playground, outdoor market, boot camp, giant game, music fest, open-air cinema and everything you think of is here. You just name it and, you have it in your townhouse or mansion in Tilal-Al-Ghaf

6. A plethora of properties 

Tilal Al Ghaf has a plethora of properties to choose from. Some of the mind-blowing options are listed below:  

  • Townhouses 
  • Semi-detached villas,
  •  Standalone villa
  • Waterfront mansions 

You can choose as per your desire and live life on your terms. 

7. Catering to multiple 

Tilal Al Ghaf is the perfect option for uber-rich families who want to own spacious houses with extraordinary lifestyles. It is also a wise decision for security-based investors looking for a long horizon and high rental yields. 

Final words 

Tilal Al Ghaf is the property of the future. It is the one which is close to paradise and provides you with a heavenly experience that speaks volumes for itself. With it being close to lagoon Al Ghaf, it combines fun, future, favourites and family. 

Come and experience luxury with Tilal AL Ghaf and its luxurious townhouse or mansion. With scenic beauty, Nature nourishment, exemplary activities and a hub, this property is a must-have.

With vibrant dining and like-minded people in the neighbourhood, this property is the right one to give you an empathetic feel and won’t make you feel devoid of social life.  

dubai economic plan

Dubai’s $8.7 trillion economic plan is a big boost to the real estate market

The ruler of Dubai tweeted to approve Dubai’s economic agenda D33 which aims to double the size of the economy over the next ten years and bring it among the top 3 Global cities.

Let us help you understand it in detail. 

Decoding Dubai economic agenda D33

1. D33 is introduced by the Prime Minister of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai. 

2. It is an ambitious project which includes tripling Dubai’s economy over the next ten years. 

3. It aims to make Dubai one of the top 3 Global cities. 

4. The total goals outlined are expected to total AED 32 trillion by 2033.

Key objectives of the ambitious D33 agenda

1. It focuses on increasing the total value of foreign trade in goods and services from AED 14.2 TN in the past ten years to AED 25.6 TN in the next decade. 

2. Increasing private Sector Investment from AED 790 billion in the past to AED 1 trillion by 2033.

3. It plans to generate new economic value from digital transformation 

4. It plans to make Dubai a hub for skilled workers and an international hub for global multinational companies 

5. It helps to increase government expenditure from AED 512 billion in the past to AED 700 billion in the next decade.

Real estate:  A major beneficiary of D33

Check out how the real estate market of Dubai will grow and seek benefits from the D33 agenda. 

1. New Foreign Investments 

With D33 by Sheikh Mohammed the real estate sector will get a major share of new foreign investment and the sector will continue to show an upward Trend. 

2. Key rankings 

D33 agenda focuses on making to buy one of the five leading Logistic hubs in the world and one of the top global financial centres which will attract new opportunities here.  

3. World-class quality of life 

D33 agenda aims to enhance its position as an attractive hub with world-class quality of life and give the highest level of security and safety to its citizens and residents which will increase the price of residential properties here.

4. Recent rankings 

Dubai has recently been ranked as one of the world’s top 10 best cities for expats to live and work as per the Expat Essentials index which proves the already established liking of the world to live and invest in Dubai. 

5. Boost in Private sector investment 

The plan also aims to bring private Sector Investment up from 790 billion Dirhams in the last decade to 1 trillion Dirhams in the next decade which will help Dubai to grow and its real estate market to flourish.


With the promising D33 agenda by the Prime Minister of UAE, Dubai is going to be flooded with new opportunities for development and progress. It is going to see massive foreign investments and with this, the real estate market will see new heights. 

The real estate market is expected to rise and the investment here will yield the highest return. Also, with much new private and public investment, the quality of life will rise which will attract more investment in residential properties here.

Real Estate market of Dubai

The Real Estate market of Dubai is to grow by 46% in 2023

Dubai’s real estate market is all set to break records this year. With a growth of over 20-40 percent in the last 12 months, as per the report from Realiste, this year will follow the same upward trend. 

With all geopolitical issues working in favour of Dubai and with the success of the Qatar FIFA World cup 2022, Dubai has got all the attention and has emerged as the favourite destination of investors as well as Households.  

Insights into growth 

The real estate market of Dubai will be on the rise in the next year and as per Realiste AI predictions, the local prices will increase by 10 to 15% with some specific areas increasing their price by 46%. 

As per analytic agency D sight, more than 16 % of Russian companies were relocated to UAE, particularly to Dubai, in the first half of the year, which will positively impact real estate. 

As per the report presented by DLD, a growth of 37,726 total unit sales has been reported with the total sales increasing up to 60%.  

The factors responsible for the rise in prices 

1. Consistent capital growth. 

Consistent capital growth and high rental income are the key factors for Dubai to be the epicentre of the real estate market. This real estate market has promised yield and your investment is safe here. 

2. Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup 

The local real estate market benefited from the FIFA World Cup and Dubai emerged as a tourist attraction and a Finance hub. With the success of FIFA, Dubai became a major attraction.   

3. The vivid properties 

Dubai offers a waterfront experience to properties around parks which make it the first choice for multiple people of different choices. From property for everyone, Dubai is the priority for safe investment and quality living. 

Areas with maximum growth 

As per D sight, in the first part of 2022, premium districts like Palm Jumeriah witnessed the highest demand with its exclusive waterfront experience. 

As per Realistic, districts with green areas like Hadeq Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid part 2 also experienced massive growth. 

These areas grew by 53% and approached AED 16,00,000 in average price. 

Undervalued sectors that haven’t hit a high price rise will rise rapidly. The Jumeriah village triangle property market increasing in value by 62% in 2022 will also see a price.


Dubai is becoming the first choice of investors due to its Supreme location and world-class amenities. It will remain appealing to foreign investors seeking maximum return on investment or high rental income. 

With an increase in price by 46% Dubai‘s property market will rise in the upcoming years and both investors with the motive of high return and households with the motive of safe surrounding and world-class amenities will be involved. 

reasons to invest in the dubai south

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Dubai South

Dubai South is the hottest upcoming location, with every necessity and luxury in proximity. With an international airport, business park, freehold plots, and off-plan investment opportunities, it is the city of the future.

Let us take you to 10 big reasons for Investing in Dubai south

1. Master-planned city 

It is a global transport hub and Dubai’s largest single urban master development plan with 8 different sub-areas and a business and residential-friendly environment. It gives scope to new and safe investment opportunities in this future city with many facilities and alternatives. Dubai South villas are a major attraction here. 

2. Hitting facts 

Some hitting facts about Dubai South:

  • 25000 Residents living in Dubai South. 
  • Population to reach 1 million by 2030.
  • 5 lakhs+ jobs and many more to come.  
  • 145 square kilometre master plan City 
  • 18 square kilometre multi-modal logistics hub
  • The expected GDP contribution by 2025 is 35% of Dubai. 
  • 2 million tonnes of cargo per year creating

These facts tell us the importance of the home of the expo – Dubai South and how the right time investment here would give the biggest Return On Investment.

3. The commercial hub 

There lies a plethora of investing opportunities for commercial spaces as Dubai South offers many offices for rent. It offers multiple investment opportunities including foreign and commercial Investments. SMEs and MNCs also get exemptions in import and export fees which makes them even more apt to invest here.

4. Tech-friendly smart community

Dubai South is a Holistic community that comprises residential and coworking spaces with beautiful landscapes that you can’t take your eye off. It is a promising Tech friendly destination with all-new tech making its way here. With so much tech revolution, there is no better way to invest. 

5. Logistic support 

Dubai South portal offers a leading solution to the global supply chain system with its Logistic corridor allowing cargo to be moved from port to airport in just 20 minutes. It also has 

  • Expert warehouse facilities
  • Flexible storage 
  • Support streamlining the exchange of products/services.

6. Residential mega space. 

Dubai south is home to people from vivid nationalities and in huge numbers, which offer opportunities for quality and affordable residence for purchase or lease. It can be said for  Dubai’s south residential district. It provides the best investing opportunity For real estate investors and others who opt for residential properties.

reasons to invest in the dubai south

7. World-class infrastructure

Dubai South headquarters has world-class infrastructure that matches the requirements of today and tomorrow. With expert aviation, logistics, and real estate, Dubai South is the safest place to invest in Dubai. Investors who invested in the past with Dubai South are already sitting in profits of around 30-35% up from their purchase price.

8. Support multiple businesses and industries. 

Dubai South is projected to sustain a population of approximately 1 million and has all facilities that support every type of business and industry. With so many businesses already coming up, the future is predictable success here.

9.  Capital appreciation opportunities 

Dubai south is a hub to invest, live and work within a highly developed economy. It provides a plethora of opportunities for capital appreciation. As we have mentioned earlier as well that the investors who invested in Dubai South earlier are already sitting in a profit of 30-35% and we see no downside in Dubai South, hence we can say that it is the safest investment in the Dubai market right now.

10. Other factors: 

Multiple other factors contribute to this developing hub:

  • The price per sq. ft. of houses is 25-30% cheaper than any other area in Dubai
  • Surrounded by multiple employment zones
  • Houses are 25-30% bigger in Dubai South compared to similarly priced options
  • The mega project of the Government of Dubai

The future of investment is right here

Dubai South is the future where dreams will be lived in real. With leisure activities, notable landmarks, residential and commercial accommodations, a business park, and everything you can dream of in one place, Dubai South is the future. With so many reasons mentioned above, one must have a clear idea that Dubai South is the next big thing in the fast-forward market of Dubai.