guide to buying a property in Dubai from India 

A step- by- step guide to buying a property in Dubai from India

With the increase in Digitalisation, people no more need to be physically present at the place of transaction. One can easily sit at their home and do any transaction overseas. Similarly, people of India can buy real estate property in Dubai from the comfort of their homes. 

Dubai offers top-class amenities and is the hub of opportunities for the future. It has world-class real estate properties and multiple options to choose from. Buying a property today in Dubai will lead to capital appreciation and offers high rental income compared to India’s property. Presenting you a step-by-step guide to buying property in Dubai from India.

Have a look at the steps below and simplify the property-buying process.

1. Find a reliable real estate broker 

One needs to find a reliable real estate broker to get all the options available in the market that fits your budget and matches your requirement. 

The real estate broker should be a trusted one and should present you with all the best options available in the real estate market of Dubai.

 2. Choose the desired options 

Go through all the options that your real estate broker presented to you and choose the option that matches your liking and requirement.

Considering the budget, one should choose the property that matches the maximum qualities of their dream property in Dubai and is an investment that is worth the amount you pay for it.

3. Selecting Inventory

Select the unit from the available inventory. Finalise the one that is your dream one and be ready to claim 100% freehold ownership of it. Be wise while choosing the inventory before making payment, and consider all pros and cons of the property.

4. Bank transfer

Select the unit from the available inventory. Make the necessary bank transaction after carefully checking the truthfulness and authenticity of the transactions. Ensure that your transactions are secure and safe and you pay the correct value.

5. Receive required documents.

One should receive all the papers of the property to their address and also online to keep them as proof and minimize the risk of fraud.

Keep all the necessary documents safe for future reference and as proof. Congratulations! You just successfully learned how to own a property in Dubai while sitting in India.


With no barriers to physical presence in every transaction, buying properties across the globe is very simple now. With so much improvement in secure financial transactions, there is no fear of losing your hard-earned money. There is high security for transactions, and you can have detailed documents as proof of the transactions.

Buying property in Dubai from India is even safer as UAE is one of the safest places, and all the transactions are done within a legal framework. There is the minimum risk if done carefully and after getting due knowledge.

Following every step will provide you with a macro view of how to buy a property in Dubai from India.

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