Danube Properties

Danube Properties:The Dependable Horse of Dubai Real Estate Market

Danube Properties (group) was established in the year 1993 by Mr. Rizwan Sajan. This is a multi-million dollar group and has a diversified portfolio into different businesses like building materials, furniture, real estate, etc., through their real estate arm, Danube real estate projects have been consistently increasing its global footprint and annual revenue. Danube Group has its headquarters in Dubai and operates in 9 countries across the Middle East & Asia.

Few Delivered Projects by Danube Group

  • Dreamz
  • Elz
  • Lawnz
  • Miraclez
  • Glitz

Few Under Construction Projects

  • Elitz
  • Opalz
  • Jewelz
  • Olivz
  • Pearlz
Danube Properties

Latest Launch Views By Danube Properties

Dubai’s first iconic towers with ‘Aston Martin’ furnished interiors. The Viewz ticks all checklists you can think of.

Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers, It’s a well-established mix-use freezone on Sheikh Zayed Road, with residential towers, office towers, and retail at your doorstep.

Payment Plan: It comes with a 3-year post-handover payment plan. The buyer enjoys paying 1% per month over 35 months after getting the handover. This will certainly increase the ROE (Return on Equity) of the investors.

Thoughtfully Designed Layouts: The Viewz has a mix of Studio, one, two, and 3-bed apartments and very limited 3-5 Bed Sky Villas with Aston Martin interiors. Layouts are very efficient and functional and you’ll find no waste of space within the unit. Also in this age of shrinkflation, Danube is making spacious apartments and not matchboxes.

Competitive Advantage: The Viewz is the only building in the world after Aston Martin Residences Miami Branded by Aston Martin, which will certainly add value to the building and eventually make it the most desired building for residents who wants to live in JLT or Jumeirah Lake Towers.

There are more than 80 buildings in JLT, and this building once ready will be one of the top 3 buildings in JLT in terms of quality, rentability, and amenities.

Pricing: Considering location as JLT, the brand value of Aston Martin, the number of Amenities the building is offering, price of approx. AED1800-2000 per square foot is very much justified. By no means we can say that the price is absurd, it’s reasonable and we have to accept that the quality doesn’t come at a cheap price. In these kinds of developments, one has to look for value over price.

Why Danube Properties?

Danube Properties is rated among the top 5 private developers in UAE. The company’s major achievements include the on-time delivery of exceptional quality assets with record sale success.

Have investors made money with the Danube Properties?

Yes, investors made money with the Danube. The rentability of Danube is quite high as most of their units come fully furnished. Renting a Danube apartment is very easy, especially for Studios and one-bedroom apartments, and they rent for at least 15-20% higher compared to other buildings in the vicinity.

Danube Properties

Return on equity is much higher approx. 10-12% in the first 4-5 years as the units come with a post-handover payment plan which makes it a preferred choice for investors looking for regular returns over higher capital appreciation.

So, can we buy any property of the Danube Group and its guaranteed success?

The short answer is no. If you are buying any of the ready units with Danube Group, you’re missing out on the capital appreciation that the first buyer is making by selling you a unit at a premium price.

The second reason why to avoid secondary market units is not getting the freedom to select a good unit, as we have already discussed in our previous blogs how important is the selection of units within a building. This can be a deciding factor in your success or failure.

The third reason is not getting the full benefit of the post-handover payment plan, for example, if you’re buying in a 2–3-year-old building, you will only get a 1 or 2-year post-handover payment plan which will hurt your Return on Equity badly.

If not any property, then what to buy?

The only way to a successful investment is to buy Danube Projects at the time of the Launch, in any given building only 20-25% of units are worth buying which has a competitive advantage over others in terms of the view, exclusivity, the floor height, Vastu compliant layout, etc., hence if you are getting hands on a good unit at the time of launch, you cannot go wrong with your investment.

Shall we buy any available units?

No, ask for the help of an expert to shortlist and finalize a unit to ensure maximum rentability and capital appreciation, as we have mentioned in our earlier blogs as well that in any given community or building only 20-25% of units are worth buying because of having a competitive advantage over others.

We wish you luck and we hope you find this article helpful. Get in touch with us if you have any doubts that we are unable to cover in this article.

Do you have any reason why not to buy Danube Viewz, let us know in the comment section!