January 9, 2023

reasons to invest in the dubai south

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Dubai South

Dubai South is the hottest upcoming location, with every necessity and luxury in proximity. With an international airport, business park, freehold plots, and off-plan investment opportunities, it is the city of the future.

Let us take you to 10 big reasons for Investing in Dubai south

1. Master-planned city 

It is a global transport hub and Dubai’s largest single urban master development plan with 8 different sub-areas and a business and residential-friendly environment. It gives scope to new and safe investment opportunities in this future city with many facilities and alternatives. Dubai South villas are a major attraction here. 

2. Hitting facts 

Some hitting facts about Dubai South:

  • 25000 Residents living in Dubai South. 
  • Population to reach 1 million by 2030.
  • 5 lakhs+ jobs and many more to come.  
  • 145 square kilometre master plan City 
  • 18 square kilometre multi-modal logistics hub
  • The expected GDP contribution by 2025 is 35% of Dubai. 
  • 2 million tonnes of cargo per year creating

These facts tell us the importance of the home of the expo – Dubai South and how the right time investment here would give the biggest Return On Investment.

3. The commercial hub 

There lies a plethora of investing opportunities for commercial spaces as Dubai South offers many offices for rent. It offers multiple investment opportunities including foreign and commercial Investments. SMEs and MNCs also get exemptions in import and export fees which makes them even more apt to invest here.

4. Tech-friendly smart community

Dubai South is a Holistic community that comprises residential and coworking spaces with beautiful landscapes that you can’t take your eye off. It is a promising Tech friendly destination with all-new tech making its way here. With so much tech revolution, there is no better way to invest. 

5. Logistic support 

Dubai South portal offers a leading solution to the global supply chain system with its Logistic corridor allowing cargo to be moved from port to airport in just 20 minutes. It also has 

  • Expert warehouse facilities
  • Flexible storage 
  • Support streamlining the exchange of products/services.

6. Residential mega space. 

Dubai south is home to people from vivid nationalities and in huge numbers, which offer opportunities for quality and affordable residence for purchase or lease. It can be said for  Dubai’s south residential district. It provides the best investing opportunity For real estate investors and others who opt for residential properties.

reasons to invest in the dubai south

7. World-class infrastructure

Dubai South headquarters has world-class infrastructure that matches the requirements of today and tomorrow. With expert aviation, logistics, and real estate, Dubai South is the safest place to invest in Dubai. Investors who invested in the past with Dubai South are already sitting in profits of around 30-35% up from their purchase price.

8. Support multiple businesses and industries. 

Dubai South is projected to sustain a population of approximately 1 million and has all facilities that support every type of business and industry. With so many businesses already coming up, the future is predictable success here.

9.  Capital appreciation opportunities 

Dubai south is a hub to invest, live and work within a highly developed economy. It provides a plethora of opportunities for capital appreciation. As we have mentioned earlier as well that the investors who invested in Dubai South earlier are already sitting in a profit of 30-35% and we see no downside in Dubai South, hence we can say that it is the safest investment in the Dubai market right now.

10. Other factors: 

Multiple other factors contribute to this developing hub:

  • The price per sq. ft. of houses is 25-30% cheaper than any other area in Dubai
  • Surrounded by multiple employment zones
  • Houses are 25-30% bigger in Dubai South compared to similarly priced options
  • The mega project of the Government of Dubai

The future of investment is right here

Dubai South is the future where dreams will be lived in real. With leisure activities, notable landmarks, residential and commercial accommodations, a business park, and everything you can dream of in one place, Dubai South is the future. With so many reasons mentioned above, one must have a clear idea that Dubai South is the next big thing in the fast-forward market of Dubai.

damac lagoons as residence

7 reasons to choose Damac Lagoon as your residence

Damac Lagoon is the other name for luxury living in Dubai. It is a collection of townhouses set within 8 City themes that provides a rich and exclusive holiday-like lifestyle to its residents. From mind-blowing amenities to comfortable living and environment-friendly surrounding that is breathtaking Damac lagoons is the future of luxury brought to you today.  

Damac Lagoon has Crystal Clear Water and a view that is pleasing to the heart and soul. With such a luxury living comes the benefit of being close to nature and avoiding all the hustle of a congested City. It is a perfect choice for families due to the maximum amenities and comfortable living. Let’s dive into the article below and learn why Damac Lagoon is the best choice for residence.

USP of Damac Lagoons as your residence

1. Profound proximity to Nature 

This property in Dubai provides you with tropical Island Vibes, white Sandy beaches, azure Blue Lagoon, and greenery as far as your view is. Living here is in itself a surreal experience and having such a fresh environment around the villas makes it a perfect choice for a residence to be with your family and friends. 

2. Top- Class Amenities

From a floating amphitheatre to waterside restaurants and cafes, the Damac Lagoon has all top-class amenities. This master community has 3, 4, and 5-bedroom townhouses and expensive outdoor spaces for truly Royal living.

3. Legendary Designs

The residential townhouse and Villas are of urban design and this land of beauty gives you a perfect residence that is equipped with top-notch infrastructure and Ultra luxury amenities. 

4. Upcoming Community Project

Damac Lagoon is the prime choice for multiple community projects and many projects are being launched such as 

  • Malta – For townhouses at Damac lagoons.
  • Venice – For luxury waterfront living at Damac lagoon 
  •  Portofino – Italy-inspired townhouse and villas at the Damac Lagoon.

5. Strategically Important Location

Damac Lagoon is just a short drive away from the centre of the city and allows easy access to connect 4 major highways. It keeps you connected with the city and with all other important areas. Damac Lagoon villas won’t keep you isolated as it is located just nearby the heart of the city.

6. Options to choose from

Damac lagoons offer you a wide variety of properties to choose from. From townhouses to standalone villas and mansions, you can choose any property of your desire or the one that matches your requirement. 

7. Promising Future

Damac lagoons offer you opportunities for capital appreciation in the off-plan to ready phase. For long-term investors, it can yield a 9-10% rental yield and be the pathway to a perfect future. 


Damac Lagoon is the future of living that makes you live close to nature and provides a living like nowhere else. This property in Dubai is the dream home that you always wanted to give your family where you can cherish all the close moments with your loved ones in the premium townhouse away from all the hassles of the city. 

Damac Lagoons also has medical and educational institutions in close proximity so that you do not have to rush anywhere for such bare necessities. Damac Lagoons is here to set the example of a royal living close to nature in a luxurious mansion and not just waste life running in the endless cycle of domestic drudgery. 

By owning a property in Damac lagoons one ensures a paradise-like home and on top of it owns a share in nature and top-rated amenities.